jQuery 1.7 .animate() bug

By Ed Boyd On March 23rd, 2012

Whilst developing a project the other day using the jQuery 1.7 library I stumbled upon a bug within the animate method.

I was trying to animate the width of an element from 0 to a given percentage to create a delightful sliding effect to show the completion percentage of a task. However my percentage width kept being changed to a pixel based width no matter what I did…..’strange’ I thought. After a bit of research and some testing on jsfiddle I discovered that this was a known bug with the 1.7 library which prevents precentage widths in the animate method.

I was forced against my will to revert to an older version of jQuery until a new release was made which fixed this issue. Luckily on the eve of November 3rd 2011 a new version was released which saw an end to this monstrosity….. Panic over!



Posted by: Ed Boyd

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