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By Sarah Lee On November 18th, 2011

Ever wondered what websites make our studio team tick? Well now is your time to find out, as some members of the studio let us know about their favourite websites, be prepared for some car and cat heavy links… – It’s amazing how creative some people can be when tasked with drawing a stickman! The idea behind this website is so simple yet provides hours of fun.






Although I’ve not used it long, I’d like to spread the love about EverNote, it’s a cloud based note system that allows me to record my meetings notes via text and you can record with a dictaphone. Well handy for my iPad and Laptop. My second recommendation would be it’s a Formula 1 aggregator from hundreds of sites around the web. If you’re a true F1 fan, it’s got to be



My favourite website right now is probably It’s a great cartoon satirical site including ‘why working from home is both awesome and horrible’, ‘why I believe printers were sent from Hell to make us miserable’ (which I think the office can empathise with this week), ‘how to pet a kitty’ and ‘you only try this once’. Guaranteed cheap giggles.

 A niche social site for international people interested in socialising with like minded people.






For Photography:
For Laughs: provides amazing photographs for current topical news stories. Really moving images. DamnYouAutoCorrect is just funny.

 with everything from Hello Kitty trainers, to a regular Caturday article, this website is a must for all cat lovers. I also love who wouldn’t want to read a blog from “Suri Cruise” about her everyday hatred of Shiloh Pitt? Just me then…





It’s been around for a little white but I recently re-discovered this: You need google chrome to use them properly, but some of the stuff is so cool.

Check out the projects bit in the footer, in particular this music video – all done in HTML5, javascript and WebGL. At the end of the video you can make a new part to feature in it (within the browser) and submit it.
Matt 2.0 – This is where I keep my ears on new up rising Hip Hop artists, there are loads of rubbish ones but you sometimes find a few real hidden gems.





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